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A collaborative workflow solution
for the scientific and scholarly research community

leveraging distributed ledger technology for proof-of-existence, linking and attribution

Intuitive Project Organization for all team members and research artifacts

Keep all your research artifacts organized in one place and establish linkages in real-time for discovery and attribution

Easily and Immutably establish Proof-of-Existence

Ensure provenance by transacting and timestamping your artifacts on the blockchain

Visibility control made easy

Manage which artifacts are private and which are public and discoverable for use and attribution from other researchers

A better way to get and give attribution for good work

Receive attribution for all artifacts that help others' work and provide attribution to researchers who support your work, all immutability recorded on the blockchain

Seamless connections to your favorite existing tools

Most 3rd party services already integrated, even more coming

Work effectively and efficiently with existing tools

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Everything your research needs to be a success

Manage your project

View all of your projects from one dashboard

Link related artifacts

Maintain version history and connect diverse work products that are related to the project

Establish proof of existence

Manage provenance over all artifacts throughout their life cycle

Archive your data

Post files to the College of Population Health Archive and other storage partners

Quickly share files

Share key project information and allow others to use and cite your work

Control collaboration and access

Add collaborators to your projects or privately share your work products

See project changes

See the latest project changes, who is contributing and historical file versions

Transact artifacts and attributions to the blockchain

Create permanent and immutable record of your work

Give and receive attribution to any type of artifact

Including informative context (eg, contributions by team members, reasons for citing work of others)

View project analytics

Access project data ranging from visits over time to comprehensive and real-time attribution activity


Start managing your projects on the ARTiFACTS today.

Free and easy to use, the ARTiFACTS supports the entire research lifecycle: planning, execution, reporting, archiving, and discovery.

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